i can’t find my doode on the website.

You can run through the categories on the left of each page, or you can use the search box above. If you still can’t find the Doode you’re looking for, please login and submit a request for your Doode and we will do our best with our artist to provide it for you.

what will the doodes stick to?

Doodes can be stuck to any glass. The stickers can easily be removed and re-stuck without leaving any residue. Please see our information page for more details.

i’ve seen a doode that I like, but I want it bigger/smaller.

Please contact us and we will see if we can make a larger version for you.

how do I return my doodes if there is any problem with my order?

Simply phone us on 0845 805 1116 or contact us via our contact form and we will help you with any queries.

what is your address?

Doodes Limited,
Unit 2, 
Woodboun Business Centre
10 Jessell Street
S9 3HY

i like the doodes, but are there any more risqué versions?

We have an “Over 18’s” section. Please login to take a look.